Calling All Dedicated Healers

Massage Therapy is vital, catalytic work in the world.  You are needed.

Whatever your Healing Approach is, you are urgently needed!

My name is Elizabeth Danu, and I have blessed to be a full time massage therapist for nearly 25 years. I have worked primarily in Private Practice, and I have been privileged to work in medical settings as well.  I currently work at a nationally recognized Children’s Hospital, in Private Practice, and as a Recruiter Liaison for the market leader in On-Demand massage therapy in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I have seen a lot of change in the industry.  When I started in 1991, we viewed ourselves as an Emerging Profession. Now it seems that we have become a Service Industry. A lot of new massage therapists are working harder than they need to and burning out before they even get really seasoned. Unfortunately, this trend is only increasing with the rapid growth of the spa industry.

We have made significant progress in many ways.  Therapists entering the field today are not being regulated along with prostitutes, as was occurring when I started 25 years ago.  This is lovely and I appreciate it.  However, as the industry is changing and spas are taking over, even experienced, skilled therapists are staying in jobs that ideally should be for people just starting out.

The good news is that there are more choices than ever for your prosperity as a Massage Therapist, and demand is only going to increase. I am here to offer support and resources for the Healing Heroes who are providing touch in an out of touch world.

Many massage therapists are earning less than they deserve, and working very, very hard.  Too many of us are burning out.  I just heard a business coach refer to massage therapy as a “humble” profession.  I beg to differ.  

Professional, mindful touch can bring deep transformation and create profound, lasting  health improvements.  We are healers. Respect and prosperity are  the logical consequences of our dedication.  My intention for this website is to provide resources, inspiration, tools and support for massage therapists who are ready to prosper in every way.  We deserve to thrive, physically, mentally, financially, and spiritually.

It is a wild, exciting, terrifying time to be alive. Our work is essential to the changes that are occurring. The future of the planet hangs in the balance and our work brings people back into their bodies. What would happen if everyone who made the decisions that change the world was grounded and at peace?

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