When You Don’t Get To Have it Your Way

We love to create zen, do we not?

So what happens when our best intentions are thwarted, and you don’t get to create the experience you want to for your client?  Yesterday was one of those days, and it was so funny that I actually warned my client that I was going to blog about it!

To protect their privacy, I will call them Client, Daughter, and Guest.

Client is a very kind elderly lady with mobility issues, so I go to her home.  The environment is lovely.  We set up in her living room, which has huge picture windows to the yard which is lovelier than any park I know.  In the summer, we set up outside under the a big oak tree.  There is usually no one around.

Yesterday, I knew something was amiss when I had to move two huge garbage cans to get my table through the side yard to the back door.  When I got there, there were people everywhere!  Despite our confirmation call the day before, Client had forgotten I was coming.  Her son and her daughter were helping her clean out her office, the accountant was coming to work with her spouse, and she had guests from Africa that she was trying to figure out where to settle.

Undaunted, she decided to “share” her 90 minutes!  Fortunately, I always bring extra sheets.

Daughter was first.  Since she was in workout clothes, I decided to switch the mood to a sports event.  She had to leave in 20 minutes, so I made it count.  During the massage, Guest arrived and squealed a greeting and came in for a hug.  We laughed and continued.  Client came in and shoved a fingerful of spicy mustard under Daughter’s nose, to see if her grandson would like it on his sandwich.  When she left, Daughter and I howled with laughter.  Client laughed too.

You may wonder, how was Daughter’s massage?  She booked a 90 minute session next month.

Next came Guest.  Guest is a very hard working woman from Africa, who literally carries heavy loads on her head.  She has an unreal number of adoptive children and is an active missionary.  She soaked up her half hour like a desert soaks up rain.  I felt honored to offer this to her.  The chaos around us didn’t matter.

Then it was Client’s turn.  She was glad she was generous, but happy she would get her next appointment to herself!

Now, because I believe in the power of touch and because I know Client to be generous, I told Client how deeply Guest received, and how I would love to provide Guest with a 90 minute session.

Next week I will go to Client’s home and do two 90 minute sessions.

The learning from this?  I never underestimate how powerful a good massage can be, regardless of the environment or the circumstances.  I have seen children feel 100% better in their hospital beds after ten minutes of focused, caring touch.

Selling a massage, when done right, can be a sacred act.  I know that all concerned will benefit because I made my request to be of service.

The funny part is that Client thanked me over and over for my flexibility and humor.  All in a day’s work!

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