Your Contribution to Healing the World

Touch opens the heart and eases fear. Do we, or do we not, need this on a grand scale today?

I regret being away from my post here during the last several months.  I have been on a sabbatical of sorts, diving deep into the world of today’s massage therapists.  More on that later!  What feels urgent this morning is the need to keep massage therapists doing what we do, with all the inspiration we can muster, because it matters.

After the recent shootings in San Bernadino, California, and the Paris attacks, the world seems scarier and scarier.  I had a conversation about this with my 16 year old daughter on the way to school.  She said, “Mom, the world is a really scary place right now.”  It is indeed.  In all my 54 years on the planet I can’t remember things being scarier than this.  Fear is a devastating avalanche that feeds all that is wrong in the world, and it seems to be gaining momentum at the moment.

So what can massage therapists do? 

Healers, it is vital that you drink deeply from the well that sustains you, so you can give your powerful healing work to your immediate circle of influence.  Healing always has a ripple effect. The person we touch, who leaves our session at ease and centered, goes out into the world calmer, with more love and less fear. You may not even think about what this means, but the impact is extraordinary.

The mother who receives massage therapy from you is more patient with her children.  Consequently, her children grow up feeling loved and nurtured, and they are settled in themselves and ready to make their contribution.

The CEO of the big company who receives massage is less stressed, so she makes decisions deliberately instead of in reaction.  Consequently the effects of her decisions are more positive, more people friendly, more Big Picture oriented.

What if all our lawmakers received massage once a week?  How would their decisions be affected?

What if every international problem solving meeting of minds included massage as part of the agenda?

What if that drunk driver who just caused a fatal accident had managed his stress by receiving massage instead of partying?

Any one person who has access to his calm and wisdom makes decisions and speaks truth that has a ripple effect into the world that he occupies. Any one person whose anxiety is calmed and has access to love instead of fear behaves differently than she did before.  This has a ripple effect into the world that she occupies.

And how do you, the Massage Therapist doing physical work that is physically and energetically labor-intensive, keep yourself at your best, making your full contribution?  You place your self care at the very center.  Everything changes when you do this.

Tune in to your Source.

Drink from the Well, the practices that you know sustain and energize you.

Trust yourself. Understand your value.

Feed your soul, feed your body, feed your mind.

One thing I have really come to understand over the last several months is that when it comes to money, most of us have it backwards. We focus on money, and making more of it.  We buy books. We repeat affirmations.  We enroll in coaching programs. Or, we just don’t deal with it at all and hope for the best.  I’m amazed at how many Massage Therapists do this!  We think that having more money will increase our impact, and if we are struggling financially we feel unimportant. The deeper truth as I have come to understand it is this:

Money is a natural consequence of full self expression.  Full expression of your wisest, most evolved self is a natural consequence of placing the resource that you are at the center of your priorities.

During this frenetic holiday season, when the holiday hoopla is a thin band-aid over our global anxiety, remember how important your work is, and take care of You.  It matters.