About Me

I am a 23 year veteran of the massage therapy profession, here to offer my expertise, enthusiasm and perspective to massage therapists who want to thrive in every way.


I have had my hard knocks on the path to being a fully thriving massage therapist, and mostly it has been steady and joyful.I

I have had the opportunity to move a few times, and was able to start over and build a practice each time.

After taking medical leave in 2007, I got conscious about what exactly I was doing to build my practice again.  I was very clear that I wanted to do it differently, that it was vitally important to tend to myself first, both to avoid burnout and ill health and to offer my best to my clients every time they came to see me.   Today my practice is a reflection of my skills and creativity, and it is uniquely suited to my particular needs.  The big surprise for me was that I made more money for less effort!  From this experience I have come to believe that most of us approach practice building backwards.

Self care doesn’t come about when you’ve “arrived”.  It is the foundation of a prosperous massage or healing practice that reflects you, your gifts, your priorities, and your unique contribution.

For a more in-depth look at my history in this amazing profession, check out my chronology of a massage therapy practice.

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